How to Activate Your Energy for Optimal Health

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The essence of shiatsu and all yoga exercises is the flow of life energy, called prana or chi. Prana is the subtle energy that vitalises both body and mind. Shiatsu uses points that lie on pathways of energy throughout the body called meridians. Illness occurs when the flow of energy along one or more meridians is blocked or out of balance. Health is present when there is abundant chi in the meridians and flows easy.

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Your breath affects and is a strong indication of your overall health and well-being: mental, physical, psychological and emotional. If you are not breathing fully, you may be depriving your body of sufficient oxygen to properly metabolise the food you eat and eliminate the toxins from your body.

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Watch yourself the next time you find yourself in a stressful situation; notice that your breathing becomes faster and more shallow. But instead of reacting and not becoming aware, of your body, of the situation, try to take a couple of deep breaths. The extra oxygen will help you clear your mind and be able to better deal with the situation and become more aware.